Friday, April 18, 2008

These shoes are made by my very good friend Ruth. She has several styles to choose from and they are very well made and machine washable. Check her out at They make great baby gifts and are sure to be a hit at any baby shower!!


Mike and Cheryl said...

Hi Krista - I think I added the link to your blog, and feel free to add ours to yours. We'd be honoured as well. My wife, the real "blog-master" is out of town on business, so I'm not sure yet if I added it correctly.

Enjoy the crazy wait!

Mike and Cheryl said...

Hi Krista, I just got your comment on our blog "waiting for Maelin"'s nice (lack of a better word??? LOL) to know there are others out there who are getting tired of the "endless" wait for our babies!! If you ever want to email me at home, feel free! My email is
Take care,