Tuesday, June 3, 2008


It's been awhile since I posted. I guess I haven't really had much to say. Things are going so slow with China that there is nothing new to report on. With the wait increasing we have decided to pursue other options while we continue to wait for China. We will keep you posted on these other options when we have more information.
It's hard to believe that summer is here already. We just got back from Florida last week. We met up with some of Darrell's family and we had a great time. Later this month we have some very dear friends coming to visit and Darrell's twin brother Darrick is coming to see us as well. Also, in July I'm taking my mom to visit my brother and his wife Ashley and their son Benjamin in Alaska. We are very excited and looking forward to seeing them. Well, that's all I have for now!


Chyntt said...

Ah, it's good to see you posting again.

And it was good to see y'all the other day. (I LOVE Mall-Pizza!)

Ashley said...

We can't wait to see you guys!!! Hopefully the weather gets a little warmer before you get here...summer's been kind of slow getting started. Well, we miss you guys...we should try to skype soon. Talk to you later. :)

Cara said...

Thanks for the blog comment, YES, I would love for you to come to the hospital to see Sawyer. Cant wait to see you!

Donna & Joe said...

Hi there, just checking in to say hello since you haven't posted in a while.

An Alaska trip sounds wonderful right about now! The heat here in AZ is getting to me already and we have months to go yet!

Hope everything is well on your end. You'll need to post some trip pics when you get back from Alaska.

Donna :)